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The *easiest* Mushroom Stroganoff

Serving suggestion: Mushroom Stroganoff, creamy Mustard Mash & pickles.

This recipe is honestly so simple & so yummy. A traditional Russian Stroganoff consists of Beef and Sour cream but I've subbed those to create a veggie/vegan alternative. It's very similar to an older recipe of mine- but slightly adapted. Perfect winter warm & would also work well as a pie filling.


You will need:


-1 punnet of mushroom

4-6 Portobello mushrooms

-1 large white onion

-4-6 garlic

-1 tbsp of nutritional yeast

-1 tsp of dried thyme

-1 carton of plantbased cream- I would recommend alpro or oatly

-1 tin of chickpeas

-white wine

-fresh parsley

-fresh kale



-salt & pepper


-1 sharp knife

-1 chopping board

-1 large pan

- 1 spoon

-1 garlic crusher

-1 sift/colander


- start off by peeling and dicing the onion, add to the pan with a splash of oil and sauté

-peel and crush (or finely chop) the garlic and then add too

-add a generous glug of white wine and let it cook off a little

-wash the mushrooms to remove any dirt/dust and roughly chop then add them in, along with the drained chickpeas, thyme, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper and mix in well

-then add in the cream and let it simmer away

-next wash, chop the parsley and kale and add it in and cook down

-finally add a squeeze of lemon and more salt and pepper to taste

aaaaand you're done! - serve with mash, rice or some nice crusty bread and butter.

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