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Banana & Choccy Bread

Banana bread is an absolute favourite of mine.

It's such an easy recipe and its a great way to use up any slightly brown/blackening Bananas you may have in the fruit bowl. It saves waste (we love) and for Banana bread the riper the narna the better!

Like most, I tend to bake it at the weekend to have with a cuppa! Sunday is the best day for baking in my opinion. Especially because Banana bread can also make a great on-the-go brekky/ snack for the following week. So really helpful when I’m working & don’t have time to make, sit and eat breakfast.

You can also sub the dark choccy & cacao for 2 tsp of cinnamon instead- and check the bread at 35-40mins - but either way it’s best served with lathers of butter or nut butter- YUM!

You will need:


-3 large ripe banana

-225g plain flour

-100g of brown granulated/ light brown sugar

-1 tsp of cocoa/cacao powder

-40g of dark chocolate (chopped)

(All Fair trade/ organic if possible- but it’s not essential)

-75ml of cold pressed rapeseed oil

-3tsp of baking powder


-1 bread tin

-1 piecee of baking parchment paper

-1 mixing bowl

-1 fork

-1 sharp knife

-1 chopping board


-Start by preheating the oven to 160c (fan) or equivalent

-Next start mashing the Bananas in a bowl with a fork, add in the oil and mix well

-Roughly chop the dark chocolate with a sharp knife on a chopping board

-Then sift in the sugar, flour, cacao and baking powder and chopped dark chocolate

-Mix well then pour mix into a lined or well oiled bread tin and bake for 45 minutes at 160c (fan) or equivalent

-After cooking, allow to cool, slice and keep in an air tight tin- or alternatively you could wrap and freeze it

Best served toasted/warm with butter/marg.

Enjoy x

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