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Spring-time Pea Dhal

Serving suggestion: Pea Dhal, Brown Rice w/. Lemon & Black Pepper topped with fresh peppery Rocket, homemade Raita, Sesame Seeds and Chilli Flakes.

This a great little wholesome quarantine recipe as the split peas take quite a while to cook down, so it can be bubbling away on low whilst you do other things. To be honest, with curry the longer it cooks down the better as the flavours just develop and it tastes even more delicious. It’s a scrummy sweet, spicy and zesty curry... perfect spring-time recipe to feed the household or throw in the freezer for emergencies!


1 sharp knife

1 grater

1 garlic crusher

1 chopping board

1 large pan

1 small pan

1 sift

1 stiriing spoon


Serves 4 approx.

*All my recipes are based on rough measures- I used a coffee cup for my cup measure for this recipe- see below*

1 heaped cup of frozen Peas

1 cup of dried Split Peas

(or Green Lentils – if using Green Lentils the cooking time will be less approx. 40mins-1hour) 1/2 a Courgette 6 cloves of Garlic 1 thumb-sized piece of Ginger 1 White Onion 1 tin of Coconut Milk 4 tsp of Coconut Yogurt 1 tbsp of Turmeric 1 tbsp of Cumin 1 tsp of Cinnamon 1 tsp of Cayenne Pepper Sea Salt

Cracked Black Pepper Lemon juice Method: -Start by peeling and dicing the Onion, add to a large pan with some water and Sea Salt and let it simmer down on medium heat

-Wash and chop the Courgette and add to the large pan -Then peel and mince the Garlic using a crusher (or finely chop) -And finely grate the Ginger and add them both to the pan after 10 minutes or so -Take a small pan and decant in your spices to give them a little warm to wake them up- be careful not to burn them though! This takes a minute or so… -Then add the spices in with the Onion/Garlic/Ginger/Courgette coating them well- add a little water if it becomes too dry -Rinse the Split Peas using a sift and add to the pan with a tin of Coconut Milk and mix well -Then add in the frozen Peas and let the Dhal cook down on low-med heat -It will take between 1 hour 30 mins and 2 hours to cook down ( I know longg!!) and for the Split Peas to soften so sit back and let the magic happen - but give it a little stir and add some water now and again if it gets too dry -Before serving the Dhal mix in the coconut yogurt, add a squeeze of Lemon and some more Salt and Pepper!

To make a simple Raita blend together: 1/2 a Cucumber (washed & chopped), a couple spoons of Coconut Yoghurt, a couple of sprigs of fresh Mint (just the leaves) 1/2 tps of Garlic Powder, Sea Salt, Cracked Black Pepper and a squeeze of Lemon, voilaaa!

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