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Aubergine, Black Bean & Quinoa Chilli

This recipe came about because I had some Aubergines going brown and needed using up, so I chopped out the brown bits and got cracking! I love a chilli and I love experimenting and adding different veggies and beans into mine... sweet potato, squash, pepper, greens... and now AUBERGINE! The Black beans work really well with the Aubergine and the Quinoa thickens the chilli to make it super filling and comforting. Perfect for a light summer dinner with salad or wholesome winter warmer with white rice and bread...yum!

Serves 4 approx.

You will need:


2 Aubergines

1 Red Pepper

1 large onion

6 cloves of garlic

1 lime's juice

1 tin of black beans (400g)

1 carton of passata (500gl)

1/2 a cup cup of quinoa (rinsed)

4 tbsp. of nutritional yeast (optional)

1 tbsp. of jalapenos (chopped)

2 tsp of smoked paprika

1.5 tsp of cayenne pepper

1.5 tsp of cumin

handful of fresh coriander

handful of fresh spinach (optional)

salt & pepper (to taste)

*add more cayenne pepper & jalapenos depending on how spicy you like your chilli*


1 chopping board

1 large pan

1 wooden spoon

1 knife

1 sift

1 bowl

1 garlic crusher/grater


Start by soaking your quinoa in a bowl of water

Peel and dice your onion and add to pan with some water to sauté on medium heat

Meanwhile peel and crush/grate your garlic cloves then add to the pan with the onion and continues to sauté

Wash and chop the ends off your aubergines and then chop into small cubes and add to the pan

Then de-seed and chop your red pepper and do the same

Add some more water if it starts to get dry

Then add some salt and pepper and continue to cook down

After 5-10 minutes, after the aubergine has started to soften add in your spices coating the veg

Rinse your quinoa with water a few times using the sift and then add to the pan with your passata, nutritional yeast and chopped jalapenos

Mix well and let chilli simmer down for 15-20 minutes on low heat (the longer you leave it the better the flavour gets- just add more water if it starts to get too dry)

Give the chilli a taste once the quinoa starts to cook and expand to see if you need any more salt or pepper, then add if needed

Wash and chop your coriander and spinach and add 5 minutes before serving with your limes juice!

Perfect with rice, salsa, pitta bread, wraps.. or my new favourite... with an organic free range egg poached in it- just add some chilli to a small frying pan crack your egg in the middle and place a lid on the top for a few minutes until the egg white is opaque with no runny clear bits. I usually sever this with homemade chips or dippy bread!

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