Butternut Squash Risotto

April 15, 2019






I've never been the biggest risotto fan in the world but this recipe is pretty daaaarn good. I've made it several times at work and tweaked it as I went and this recipe is by sure the best! Its super saucy and the spices really bring something to the partaay, yum! Because I came up with the recipe at work, it was made in bulk! I've tried to work out quantities to serve approx 4 people so you can cut the recipe in half and have leftovers for lunch if you're cooking for 1 !


Serves approx. 4 


You will need:

1 large white onion 

6 cloves of garlic (the more the better)

1 large butternut squash *or you can use carrots 6 large carrots*

a bunch of Fresh sage (30g approx )

a bunch of Fresh parsley (30g approx) -

(you can use dried if you like, I just prefer fresh)

a handful of greens

1 tbsp of Oregano 

1 tspn of Nutmeg 

1/2 tspn of Cinnamon

1/2 tsp of Cumin

1 heaped tspn of Turmeric 

1-2 tsp of Cayenne Pepper (optional & depending how much heat you like)

4 heaped tbsp of Nutritional yeast (you can find it most health food shops & some supermarkets)

approx. 2 cups of brown rice (1/2 a cup per person)

1 small tin of coconut cream (160ml or the cream off the top of a tin of coconut milk)

1 tbsp. of Tahini

1 tin of butter beans 

Pesto to drizzle when serving 

salt to taste

lots of black pepper



1 large pan

2 small pan

1 chopping board 

1 sharp knife


1 hand blender or potato masher

1 kettle 



Preheat the oven to 180c or equivalent and chuck in your garlic cloves skin on when up to heat and roast for 20 minutes 

Pop the kettle on for your rice (and a cuppa)

Meanwhile peel and dice your onion and add to your large pan with some water/oil and sauté on medium heat

Peel, de-seed and chop your squash and add to medium size-pan, fill with water so the squash is covered and bring up to the boil for 20 minutes 

Once the kettle has boiled put your brown rice on to boil - takes about 45 minutes 

Meanwhile drain your butter beans and put to one side and wash and chop your fresh herbs and spinach and do the same 

After 20 minutes remove garlic from oven and peel the cloves (be careful), then chop and add to large pan with onion, your spices and some salt 

Drain your squash and then add to the pan 

Add your coconut cream to the squash with your tahini,nutritional yeast, fresh herbs and blend with a hand blender (or smash with potato masher) until thick and creamy 

Add your butter beans and season with salt and pepper to taste - then let it simmer away on low heat

After 45 minutes drain your rice and add to the big pan or add desired amount of sauce to your rice until its coated in the squashy goodness, mix well- add some water and season more if needed 

Serve with a pesto drizzle, cashew parmesan or toasted seeds/ pine nuts ..yum!



 This was using carrot & was super saucy!





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