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Coconut Rice pudding

Now that winter is here I feel like it’s appropriate to wack out my real easy & super warming rice pudding recipe! Perfect for chilly mornings or evenings!

This makes approx. 2 portions

All you need to do is: Soaked 1 cup of brown rice for an hour/ over night

Then place rice in boiling water and cooked for 25 minutes

After 25m drain the rice and add 200ml of coconut milk and boil for a further 20 minutes!

Add a couple of tsp of whatever sweetener you like maple syrup, agave, honey or just suga-suga

And some delish toppings: warm berries, banana, toasted coconut, cinnamon, seeds, dark choccy, nut butter whatever you like

..and voilaa! a good porridge alternative !

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