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So I’ve slowly been transitioning into an all-natural beauty product and care routine. But as you could imagine it’s been pretty difficult to find good quality products that work, are cruelty free, that are natural and also eco friendly!

One of the reasons for transitioning to natural deo is I’m conscious of what I put on my skin especially my armpits, a very sensitive area. Plus it’s natural for your body to sweat so I was concerned that stopping this process was unnecessary and may cause problems. Not only this, aerosol sprays end up polluting the atmosphere with unnatural fumes which I wanted to avoid as much as possible.

I’ve tried a few different deodorants in the past and the natural ones just didn’t seem to hack it! They smell amazing but don’t have the power of your mainstream spray and roll ons. I ended up just not wearing deo for a long time and just showering more because I thought it was silly spending so much on brands that didn’t actually work.

Recently I’ve found cream deodorants work, but some people may find the thought of applying deo with your fingertips a little weird! Then I found the brand called Ben & Anna. Their deo’s have an option of coming in a cardboard tube which is great because it’s recyclable but also paper and card will decompose (eventually) if it it does end up in landfill so it’s not polluting the sea with nasty plastic. Not only this but they are also certified vegan, natural & organic so a winner for me!

Their deodorant’s work the same as your average deo but you just push up the bottom of the tube with your thumb and apply a thin layer to your pretty pits. What makes them different however, is that they’re all natural so no aluminium or parabens and no nasty chemicals in the air. Instead they contain arrow root which absorbs moisture and is also anti-bacterial, and baking powder to neutralise odour. Who’d a thought baking powder would work as deo hey??? But it really does! Plus they smell bloody amazing! Honestly, my armpits have never smelt so good! My fave is the Indian mandarin scent, it smells divine! Not only this but their deo’s actually work and are long lasting even after a long day of work or night of dancing!

If you’re looking to make the switch to natural deo I would definitely recommend Ben & Anna as they work in exactly the same way as your mainstream deos! Plus, you may then be inspired to switch to other eco-friendly and natural beauty products when you see that they work just as well!

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