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Root veg curry

T’is the season for root veggies 🥔🥕I made an east meets west kinda curry with some of my favourite root veggies, spices and coconut 🥥 milk! A proper winter warmer ❄️ this recipes served between 4-6 depending on your portion size 😊

To make the curry you’ll need:

1 white onion

1 medium piece of ginger (about two thumbs, the more the better)

4 cloves of garlic

2 parsnips

1 medium potato (2 small)

1 large carrot (2 small)

1/2 a small pumpkin or squash (If you don’t have all these veggies can bulk it out with a tin of chickpeas)

2 tins of coconut milk

Optional: Handful of chopped greens (spinach, chard, cavolo nero whatever you have )

Salt & pepper to taste

2 heaped tsp turmeric

2 heaped tsp cumin

1 heaped tsp cinnamon

1 heaped tsp chilli / cayenne pepper

2 tsp cumin seeds

Coconut/rapeseed oil


1 sharp knife

1 chopping board

1 grater

1 large pan

1 small pan

1 baking tray

1mixing spoon


-Preheat your oven to 180c or equivalent

-Wash and chop your veggies (I only peeled the pumpkin and parsnips but left the skin on the carrots and potatoes.

-Place veg in a large baking tray/ two smaller ones with coconut oil and sprinkle with the cumin seeds and some salt. Roast for around 30 minutes.

-Meanwhile peel and chop your onion and add it to a pan with oil or water

-Then peel your garlic and ginger, grate them and add to the pan.

-Sauté the veg for a few minutes

-Meanwhile add your spices to another dry pan on low heat to warm them up and get them smelling and tasting gooooood, keep stirring them so they don’t burn.

-Then add your spices to the main pan with a little water and cook down for 15 minutes

-Check on the root veg give them a little shake to make sure they’re cooking evenly and not burning

-Add your two tins of coconut milk and mix in the spices add some salt and pepper and let it simmer away.

-Once the root veg are cooked add them to the pan and mix well, add more salt and pepper if you need it, chickpeas if you’re using them and the chopped greens and let it simmer down on low heat.

*the longer you can leave the curry cooking the better it will taste. So leave it on a low heat and check back occasionally*

Serve with rice, quinoa, bread, in a wrap, with chips or hash browns, on a jacket potato .. so many options!

Serving suggestion, root veg curry with rice topped with cashew & peanut cream, spring onions & chili flakes

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