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Why I chose to cook

So I was asked the other day whether I ever get bored of cooking. This lead me to think about why I enjoy cooking, and more so food and well to right a post about it.

I've always enjoyed cooking as a hobby, whether it was helping mum out with dinner when I was little or baking beetroot brownies with my pals. I worked in a kitchen when I was 16, where I learnt a lot about food and my passion developed. But to be honest I always thought I was going to do something creative.. like art or photography.. not really viewing cooking as being creative I guess. I had a number of jobs which weren't for me and that pushed me to go to university and study something that I was actually passionate about..


I started my blog in my first year of uni, around the time of my exams. It gave me a reason to stop revising, to take some time out, distract myself, create some delish recipes and then post about them. I didn't feel bad about procrastinating with food cuz it was something nourishing and kinda productive.

I started an instagram and would post my every meal and any recipes i'd come up with. Alongside studying for my degree I started working at a café/ sustainability project/ social enterprise that is a part of the student union. I only really got into cooking there after about a year of working. I was assigned the role of head foodie and kitchen manager the summer after I graduated uni and have been here ever since. To be honest with you I didn't see myself working with food as a career, I mean I still don't.. to be honest I've still no idea what I want to do, but no one really does.. all I know is that I love what I do so I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I love working with food because I can be imaginative and creative. I come up with the recipes then create them to be served at lunch time at work. It gives me a real sense of achievement. I am a natural nurturer and I feel like that is why I have subconciously gravitated towards cooking. Not only is it extremely therapeutic for me, I can zone out or get in the zone when its busy but I can also provide people with wholesome, healthy food, a basic human need that everyone should be entitled to.

It's so important to give your body the nurturing and love it deserves and I think food is such a great way to do that. The majority of serotonin and dopamine in your body is created in your gut, so if your tummy ain't happy you ain't gunna be either! ..and theres the link with psychology! Food is therapy! For me that's a pretty big motivator to nourish your body with what it needs and craves.! I love cooking for myself everyday, for my friends and family and at work. The more people I can provide food to the more I feel a sense of achievement and content, I feel I have a purpose I guess! Not only this but it's just so lovely going out for dinner and really treating yourself to something delicious or getting together with friends and cooking up an absolute storm. Food brings us together and it will always make me happy that's for sure!

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