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Sweet Potato Chili

Chilli is definitely one of my go to meals. It is so easy to make but so delicious especially with all the yummy add ons! It's a great dish to make at a dinner party or even if you are just cooking for yourself one evening. So here it is, my favourite chilli recipe:

Serves 4-6

You will need:

1 large onion

4-6 cloves of garlic

2 tin of tomatoes

2 tins of black bean/ kidney beans

½ a squash or 1-2 sweet potatoes

a bunch of fresh coriander (30g approx)

1 fresh lime (juice)

1.5 tsp or cayenne pepper (more depending on how spicy you like it)

2 heaped tsp of smoked paprika

2 tsp of cumin

1 tbsp of oregano

salt and pepper to taste


2 tbsp. of jalapeno brine (optional- it adds a delicious firey kick!)


1 sharp knife

1 peeler

1 chopping board

1 large pan

1 roasting tray


-pre heat the oven to gas mask5/ 180c

-meanwhile peel and chop sweet potato/ squash into cubes

-pour some oil into baking tray and place into the oven to heat for a few minutes

-peel and dice the onion and crush the garlic and sautéed in pan with some oil and a pinch of salt on low heat

- remove baking tray from oven and place in sweet potato/squash and roast for around 20 mins

-add the herbs/spices into the pan and coat the garlic/onion

- drain the beans and add to the pan with the tins of tomatoes

-allow to simmer on a low heat

(the longer you can leave it to simmer the better as the flavours just get more delish and the sweet potato/squash breaks down and sweetens the sauce *you can even use a hand blender to blitz some of the chilli so it thickens* )

-prepare by washing, taking the hard stalks off (you can use these too just chop finely) and chop roughly

-after 20 minutes remove veg from oven and add into the pan to form the chilli

-cut lime in half and squeeze juice into chilli

- add chopped coriander and serve with some more fresh lime, rice/ pitta/ wraps and whatever sides you fancy (see below)

Now it is ready to serve

Serving suggestions:

Rainbow salad:

1 punnet of tomatoes de-seeded and diced

1 red onion peels and diced

1 yellow, green and red pepper de-seeded and diced

½ a red cabbage shredded

1 avocado, de-stoner and chopped

1 limes juice

½ a bunch of coriander chopped

Generous pinch of salt

Easy salsa:

1 punnet of tomatoes de-seeded and diced

1 red onion peeled and diced

1 clove of garlic crushed

1 red pepper diced

½ a bunch of coriander chopped finely

½ a red chilli de-seeded and chopped (optional to add a bit of fire!)

1 limes juice

A generous pinch of salt

Why not add a fresh mango or avocado diced to make it more Exciting!

Avocado sauce:

1 avocado

A splash of dairy-free milk

½ a lime juice

Pinch or salt

Blend together until smooth

Vegan soured cream:

3 tbsp of Alpro plain yoghurt

1/2 a lime (juice)

a pinch or salt

1/4 tspn of garlic powder

Cashew cream:

1 cup of soaked cashews ( I always forget to soak over night so usually speedy soak by adding the cashews to almost boiling water for 15 minutes. Drain and rinse well)

2 tbsp. of jalapeno brine

1/2 a lime (juice)

2 tbsp. of nutritional yeast

1 tsp of garlic powder

generous pinch of salt

blend all ingredients in a food processor adding water

a little bit at a time until creamy and delicious!

Vegan nacho cheese :

1 cup of potatoes peeled and chopped

½ a cup of carrots/ sweet potato peeled and chopped

Bring to the boil and cook for 10 minutes

Blend together in a high speed food processor/liquidiser until thick with:

¼ cup of olive oil

¼ cup of dairy free milk

1 limes juice

1 tspn of tomato purée

6 tbsp of nutritional yeast

2 tbsp of jalapeño brine

A pinch of salt and pepper

Great with tortilla chips, wholemeal wraps, brown rice or quinoa... or alternatively don't add the sweet potato to the chilli and bake it in the oven instead, topping it with bean chilli and nacho cheese!

Serving suggestions

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