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Avocado Pancakes!

I came up with the idea of Avocado pancakes on pancake day funnily enough! I usually have Banana pancakes but fancied mixing it up a bit and having some savoury ones! These pancakes went so well with Mexican beans and vegan sour cream! So well that I had them two days running! Haha!

The recipe was very experimental, but the pancakes kept their shape well and had the right consistency, crispy on the outside and soft and guac-like in the middle... mmmm guaaaaac!

You will need:

1 avocado

1/2 a lime (juice)

a splash of dairy-free milk

1/4 of a cup of buckwheat flour

1/2 tspn of garlic powder

1/4 tpsn of paprika

salt and pepper



1 blender/food processor

1 frying pan

1 mixing bowl

1 spatula

1 ladle

1 fork


So the recipe is super easy:

Combine all the ingredients into the blender, adding the flour slowly, and blitz to form a gloopy paste

Add a dash of oil to the pan on medium heat

Ladel some mix into the pan when hot and cook on both sides for a few minutes each


I served mine with chilli, you can find a recipe here:

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