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Dairy & Gluten-free Breakfast Carrot Cake

Makes 1 loaf or 12 cup cakes.

This Carrot Cake recipe was a bit of an experiment for me; I wanted something that was really quick and easy to have for breakfast on busy mornings as well as something easy to snack on during the day. The cake itself tastes quite savoury, which means nut butter goes amazingly with it (and I love nut butter!)

You will need:

500g of Carrots (approx. 5-6 large carrots)

200g of buckwheat flour

100g of mixed nuts (e.g Walnuts, Pecans, Hazelnuts or whatever you can get your hands on)

50g of natural sweetener such as Xylitol or Stevia

50ml of Almond or other milk alternative

1 tspn of baking powder

2 organic/ free range eggs

1 orange juice and zest

1 tbsn of Coconut Oil

1 tspn of Cinnamon

1 tpsn of Ginger

A sprinkle of Gluten-free oats and seed for topping


1 bread tin/ cupcake tray

Baking paper/ cupcake cases

1 mixing bowl

1 set of weighing scales

1 sift

1 grater

1 fork for mixing


Preheat oven to 180c gas mark 4/5

Peel and grate the Carrot into the large bowl, add the 2 eggs and combine using a fork

Grate the zest of the orange, and add into the mix along with the juice

Sift the flour and add along with the other dry ingredients

Finally crush the nuts and mix in

Line the trays with baking paper/ cupcake cases and decant the mix

Top with a sprinkle of oats and seeds and bake for around 20 minutes for the cupcakes and around 30/35 for the loaf

*keep checking on the cake and if it looks like it’s catching reduce oven temp slightly*

Remove from oven and check cake is ready with a knife, it should appear golden brown and spongy to touch

Leave to cool and serve with whatever nut butter you fancy or simply on its own

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