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Beetroot Burgers

So this is my sisters wonderful creation which she's allowed me to post, so credit to her ๐Ÿ˜Š. The recipe makes about 5-6 patties, so half or quarter the recipe to make a smaller amount. Or instead you could make Falaffel-like balls and bake them in the oven for tomorrow's dinner.

You will need:

1 cup of Couscous/Quiona

1 cup of veg stock

2-3 cooked Beetroot ( or replace 1 with 1/2 a carrot)

2 cloves or Garlic

1/2 a tin of White beans (Chickpeas,Berlotti, or similar)

1/2 a tspn of Cumin

1/2 a tspn of Chilli Powder

Salt & Pepper

a squeeze of Lemon

Oil for frying


1 mixing bowl

1 large frying pan

1 fork

1 grater

1 spatula

1 jug


Tip Couscous/Quinoa in to mixing bowl and combing with a veg stock, leave to the side to expand.

Meanwhile grate the Beetroot and Garlic and add to the bowl with the beans, spices, lemon, salt, and combine until the mix turns purple.

Use a fork to mash the beans a little then form patties using your hands.

Now the burgers are ready to fry, so add a splash of oil to a medium temp frying pan and leave for 5 minutes, don't touch the patty as they will likely fall apart.

After approximately 5 minutes carefully flip the patties with a spatula to cook the other side for another 5 minutes.

Use the spatula to press down on the patties, and to insure any broken bits stay together.

Then again use the spatula to push the patties to the side of the pan to cook the sides of the burger.

They now should be ready for you to create your jam-packed burgers!!

To create my burgers I added Gherkins, Vegan Cheese, Mustrd, sliced Roasted Sage Butternut squash, Tomato, Fried Onions , Ketchup & Lettuce.

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