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This blog post is purely to recommend some items I have bought, tried and loved. They're all within the student budget, as well as being pretty healthy and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

As someone who doesn't eat dairy I do find myself missing cheese sometimes to add on top of pasta, stuffed veggies or bakes. I've tried a couple of dairy-free cheeses and some of them are quite honestly gross! However I have tried and would recommend 2 brands.

Firstly there's 'Follow Your Heart' Vegan Gourmet Shreds. It was a little pricey at around £4 from Infinity Foods in Brighton, however it promotes sustainability and its lack of Palm Oil! When I first opened the packet it looked (and tasted) a bit powdery, like normal grated cheese does sometimes. It definitely needs to be melted. I added it to pasta dishes, mashed potato, mashed squash and on top of homemade burgers. I liked the creamy/savory flavour. Because of its re-sealable packaging it lasted around 2 weeks after opening. Because its not dairy you don't have to be as worried about it going slightly 'past its best'.

I've used 'Violife Creamy ' for a while now as I really like the flavour and how easy it melts. As well as being suitable for Vegans its also free from Gluten and Soya and Coconut Oil is one of its main ingredients. Its perfect to add to pizzas, stuffed vegetables such as peppers and squash, on top of sweet potatoes and through pasta to give a creamy delicious flavour. I use it quite frequently within my recipes so take a look . I bought it from ASDA, but I've seen it in multiple supermarkets and health food shops so its really easy to get hold of. It's also super cheap at £2.50 and lasts weeks as long as its kept refrigerated. Would highly recommend this one.

Next up Falafels! I try to make my own Falafels as much as possible but sometimes I just cant be bothered! If you're wanting a quick dinner or are thinking of having a picnic these Falafels are a great buy! 'Great Foods' make a number of flavours and varieties, they're not full of crap and are around £2.50 for a pack. I've seen them in ASDA and Morrison's. The Beetroot ones are my favourites at present, but I haven't worked my way trough all the varieties yet! I've found that some Falafels can be so dry and crumbly but these ones are super moist and delicious.

Now for chocolaty treats! Its quite tricky to find nice sweet treats that are not packed with crappy, especially chocolaty ones. They all seem to have milk powder in them too, which isn't great for someone that try's to stay away from dairy. These rocky roads are really yummy and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are free from gluten and hydrogenated fats which is also a bonus. I've seen them in The Co-op and in Morrison's, both supermarkets do a pretty well stocked free from range and Lazy Day Foods do a nice range of yummy treats also. These rocky roads cost £2.39 and are a great treat to have with a cuppa.

Hale & Hearty Date, Chocolate & Coconut Flapjacks are suuper yummy. The don't have any nasty ingredients they use natural flavourings, brown sugar and the ingredients are sustainably sourced, what more could you want? Oh yeah and they're suitable for vegans and gluten and wheat free! They cost £2.50 and you can find them in Tesco. They're perfect if you just want a little sweet pic me up with a coffee or an after dinner snack. Would highly recommend.

Eat Real do some really nice crisp alternatives and healthy snacks. These Chilli and Lime Quinoa Chips are my favourites. They're so flavourful and delicious and they pride themselves on including no artificial colours of preservatives in their products. I don't usually crave crisps I'm more of a popcorn gal but on the odd occasion that I see these stocked I will grab a bag. They're sold in most health food shops and some supermarkets and cost around £1 depending on the size of bag. Would definitely recommend these for a little snack-a-roo.

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