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Baked Mediterranean Aubergine

Serving suggestion: I served mine on a bed of Salad with some slightly spicy Green Lentils, a wedge of Lemon..and some Tahini

(not photographed)


When I'm food shopping I tend to choose vegetables that can be used for more than one recipe. As a student it is rare to cook for more than one person unless you are sharing the food bill or hosting a dinner party. So unless you're going to freeze the left overs it is helpful to think of ways you can use up the whole vegetable. For example if you use half an Aubergine for some roasted Vegetables or a Pasta dish, what do you do with the other half? Well you can create this delicious and suuuper easy recipe OR take a look at my 'Sweet & Spicy Marinated Aubergine'.

You will need:

1/2 an Aubergine

1/2 a tin of Chickpeas (you can use the remainder to make Hummus)

1/2 a cup of cooked Lentils

2 cloves of Garlic

1/3 of a Chilli or Chilli Flakes

1/2 a Lemon (keep other half)

a handful of Cherry Tomatoes

1 tspn of Sesame Seeds

1 tbsp. of Nutritional Yeast

1 tspn of Mixed Herbs

some fresh Basil (optional)

Salt & Pepper

Olive Oil (or whatever you prefer)

Glug of Balsamic Vinegar


1 baking tray

1 chopping board

1 sharp knife

1 can opener

1 spoon

some tin foil

Preheat oven to 200c Gas Mark 6

Take the baking tray and lay the foil inside the tray

Halve the Aubergine length ways and score the flesh using a sharp knife

Place the Aubergine on top of the foil add a glug of Oil, Balsamic and the Mixed Herbs and massage into the flesh

Peel and chop the Garlic, chop the Chilli & Cherry Toms and place on top of the Aubergine

Drain the Chickpeas and spoon on top of the Aubergine along with Lentils, Nutritional Yeast and Sesame Seeds

Then squeeze on the Lemon juice keeping the Lemon to be wrapped in with parcel

Add a glug more Oil, some Salt, Pepper and fresh Basil and wrap the foil around to form a parcel

The Aubergine is now ready to be baked! Cook for 30-40 minutes (approx.)

Enjoy x

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