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Sweet & Spicy Marinated Aubergine

Serving suggestion:

Satay Rice Noodles (crunchy Peanut Butter, Olive Oil, a dash of Soy and a dash of Honey), Crispy Baked Spring Onions and a sprinkle of Sesame Seeds ๐Ÿ˜Š


Aubergine is a love it or hate it vegetable. A lot of people I have spoken to think it is weird, rubbery and a bit pointless, but I personally think it is the way it is cooked that affects it's taste and texture. I LOVE Aubergine but even if you're not its biggest fan I would really recommend trying out this recipes. The Honey within the marinade creates a caramelised flavour and the heat of the chilli and ginger contrast well with the sweetness.

This recipe has a longer preping time than my other recipes as the Aubergine needs time to absorb the marinade.

You will need:

1 thumb-sized piece of Ginger

3 cloves of Garlic

2 Red Chilli's

4 tspn of Dark Soy Sauce

3 tspn of Honey

1/2 a Lemon (juice)

50ml of water

25ml of oil

Salt to taste


1 chopping board

1 sharp knife

1 baking tray

2 bowls

1 blender


To make the marinade peel and chop the Garlic, Ginger and fresh Chilli (de-seed) and place into bowl

Then add your wet ingredients: the Soy, Honey, Lemon Juice, Oil and Water

Season with a touch of Salt and decant into the blender, blend for approx 10 seconds

Then decant mix into bowl, have a taste, and put to the side

Take your Aubergines slice down the middle so you have two halves then score the white flesh with a knife length ways and width ways

Then take your second bowl place the Aubergines into the bowl and pour over the marinade

Massage the marinade into the white flesh of the Aubergines for a couple of minutes and then make sure they are submerged within the marinade- leave for 1 hour

After 1 hour place the Aubergines onto a baking tray, drizzle on some of the marinate using a spoon and bake in the over for 45 minutes to 1 hour at 180c/Gas mark 4

After 45 mins/1 hour check on the Aubergines, the appearance should be golden and caramelised

They're now ready to serve!

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