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Packed Veggie Pitta

This is great way to use up any left-over roasted veggies you may have in the fridge from the night before. Its so easy and super tasty for a quick lunch on the go. I added some Avocado, Cucumber and a simple Beetroot Hummus to mine also.

To make the Beetroot Hummus:

1/2 a tin of Chickpeas (drained)

1 cooked Beetroot (roughly chopped)

1 tspn of Tahini

1/4 of a Lemon (Juice)

A splash of Oil

Salt & Pepper

Blend ingredients in a food processer until Hummus is a thick consistency.

(If too thick add some water gradually)

If you don't have a food processor you can grate the cooked Beetroot and use a fork to smash the Chickpeas.

Then combine all together in a bowl with the other ingredients. It will take a bit more time and effort but it is possible!

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