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Brown Rice & Red Lentil Kedgeree

Traditional kedgeree usually calls for fish and an egg to be included, however this is my take on a vegan Kedgeree that is a lovely alternative if you don't fancy the traditional recipe or you can bang a poached egg on the top!

Serves 1, but just multiple quantitites for more people

You will need:

A portion of brown rice (approx 80-100g)

Approx 50g of red lentils

3 clove of garlic

1/4 of an red onion

1/4 of a chilli (optional)

A handful of cherry toms

1/2 an avocado (de-stoned, and peeled)

1/2 a tspn of cumin

1.5 tspn of tumeric

1/2 a tspn of cayenne pepper

1/2 a stock cube and 200ml water

1/2 a lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil for frying


1 wok

2 pans

1 jug

1 kettle

1 knife

1 chopping board

1 food processor

1 colander


Boil rice (25-30 mins) and lentils(10-15 mins)

Meanwhile chop avocado, cherry toms, onion, garlic and chilli

Add the onion, garlic and chilli into a wok with a splash of oil and fry until softened

Add spices and stir well, ensuring it doesn't burn

Once lentils are cooked drain and blits in a food processor for 10 seconds.

Boil kettle and add stock cube to boiling water

After 25-30 mins drain rice, and add to the pan and stir well

Decant the lentils into the pan and stir well

Then stir in stock gradually to loosen the rice/lentils, then add the lemon juice

When hot, Remove from heat and plate up when ready

Add the avocado and tomatoes to the top with a slice of lemon for garnish, salt and pepper!

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