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Hello lovelies welcome to my blog!

I'm Emily, a self trained and sustainability-focused chef and therapeutic psychology graduate living in London.

I have a real passion for good quality, wholesome and delicious food and sustainable/ethical living.


I started 'Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy' in my first year of university (back in 2015) as an inclusive space to offer tips on being resourceful and avoiding waste, to share my meal ideas and recipes, and how easy it is to create delicious, wholesome meals that take no time at all and won't cost the world to make.


I have been a pescatarian/vegetarian for years now, I actually switched to a meat-free diet when I started university. This was mainly because I couldn't really afford good quality, sustainable and high welfare meat on a student budget. Switching to a mostly veggie diet actually sparked a real passion in me and a love for getting creative  and developing my own recipes to share with others and I haven't looked back since. I currently eat mostly a plantbased diet, however, I'm pretty 'flexy' and I am mostly interested in sustainable/ ethically sourced food and try to avoid wasting food at all costs.

Diet is such a personal thing and I'm not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't be eating- that’s your decision. I'm just here to offer you some cheap, easy, and tasty recipes so have a look around.. feel inspired and happy cooking! 


Emily x

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